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Paul Wayman

‘working with spirit’




I am a fully qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist of over 9 years and during that time have helped hundreds of people conquer their fears and develop positive new habits. The treatments  have included weight loss, stopping smoking, fear of flying, stress relief, developing confidence, panic attacks, high blood pressure.

A hypnotherapy session costs £50. To book one click on Contact/Bookings.

Your first experience of being hypnotised will probably be nothing like you would have imagined. The misconceptions of what it is like to be hypnotised are many and varied and most peoples exposure of this is via television which is predominately used for entertainment purposes.

To help illustrate some of the key points you can click here to see examples of common questions that have been gathered from my own clients.

If you are unable to attend a session then the self hypnosis CD’s below will be able to help you manage stress, or experience a Past Life Regression.

Self Hypnosis CD’s

Mail: p.wayman@btinternet.com?subject=Past Life Exerience CD&body=I would like to order the Past Life Experience CD. Please send me details of how to pay etc.

Self hypnosis is a great way to relax, improve and explore parts of your inner mind. To find out more, or to purchase one of the following CD’s just click on the cover.

A Past Life Experience      -    £5 including p & p

A safe and secure way to explore your previous lives. You may find previous connections with loved ones, the cause of fears and phobias, or maybe why you feel an affinity with a certain place with this self-hypnosis CD.

Mail: p.wayman@btinternet.com?subject=Relaxation and Stress Relief CD&body=I would like to order the above CD. Please send me details on how to pay etc.

Relaxation and Stress Relief      -    £5 including p & p

A self hypnosis CD designed to help you relax and unwind.  It is proven that stress can cause many physical problems and regular use of this CD will help you maintain a healthy balance between body and mind.

relaxation sample.mp3

To hear a sample click the CD (best heard using headphones)