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Past Lives

The belief that we have lived before and experienced previous existences, is not a new age fad or idea. Over 75% of the global population believe in reincarnation and the reality that we have experienced many lives during our evolving spiritual journey.

There are a variety of means where we can find out more about our own personal experiences. This will sometimes happen spontaneously during a meditation, or maybe even by experiencing a flashback or a sense of deja vu when visiting a place you can't recall having been to before. Another method is to receive a past life reading from a medium, preferably one who has been recommended or who has a good reputation. I believe though that these methods  provide only a limited experience and one that you will find difficult to validate without further investigation.

As an experienced and professional Hypnotherapist and Medium I have experienced all of this myself and have also facilitated many Past Life Regression sessions which many (including myself) have found to be a life changing experience, and can now offer this experience to you. This can be done via a personal Past Life Regression session, by attending one of the regular Past Life Regression workshops that I run, or by purchasing my Past Life Experience CD.

A Past Life Regression cots £40. To make a booking, or to request more information, click on the Contact/Bookings section above.

The fact that you are interested and have found this information indicates that you have had many previous lives prior to that you are currently experiencing and that you are spiritually advanced enough to want to find out more. It is highly likely that you have experienced a previous life as a mixture of race and genders during your soul journey and growth, and the events that you have encountered during these lives have shaped the person that you have become today.

My own view is that the most effective way to uncover and explore your past lives is by experiencing a Past Life Regression under hypnosis, guided by a qualified Hypnotherapist/Past Life Therapist. If they are also a medium then that is even better. This way you can actually experience, with your own mind and feelings, who you were before - see what you were wearing - feel the emotions that you had - remember names and places - even recognise people in this life with whom you have had relationships before.